Exhibition & Fair
<Grimdosi S#5 Waypoint>

Work Area: Exhibition Identity(Poster, Printed Matter, Etc.)
Client: Oaah Agency

Exhibition Information: 20.10.16-18, the Sejong Center

Exhibition Poster(Main / Square for Web) ︎︎︎
594 x 841mm / 3000 x 3000px

            Grimdosi is an exhibition and fair for art, artists’ book and animation, aiming to flexibly introduce various genres of arts to the public. Amid this ever changing art scene, it provides a set of spatial and psychological environment that helps every participant be involved in an active communication on artworks. For this, Grimdosi selects a theme each year and curates it in the set of ‘City’.
            2020 Grimdosi sets out its first journey to become a global art platform under this year’s theme “Expansion.” Starting its first waypoint at Sejong Center located in Seoul, it will hold a serial popup exhibition in Gwanggyo Crita Gallery and finally overseas.(Text from official website)

Exhibition Identity ︎︎︎

            When I thought about the word 'Grimdosi(picture city)', I was reminded of a square framed canvas and endless lines of buildings(especially in Seoul). Lines that can be seen on the edge of the connected building just looks like the theme of this year’s Grimdosi, “Expansion”. So, the exhibition identity can be linked to each other horizontally, vertically or infinitely.

Exhibition Ticket, Handout, Postcard ︎︎︎
Exhibition Instgram ︎︎︎

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Exhibition Web, AR Project App, SNS ︎︎︎
Desktop, Iphon X, Ipad, Instagram

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