SPINE PRESS is graphic design stuido & small press based in Seoul, Korea. Please contact for any suggestion.



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            SPINE PRESS: I’ve been working as a freelance graphic designer from many years ago and decided to make my own studio & small press called ‘SPINE PRESS’ in this year(2020). It was mainly conducted with commercial projects related to exhibitions, music and brand identity but also doing all kinds of visual communication.
            A Strange City: Irregular workshop which is directed and running by Marvin Kim. Looking at the the city around us with a ‘unfamiliar perspective,’ participaitns derive their own interests and themes. Then, form experiments are conducted through conceptual and structural approaches to the subject. After the workshop is finished, an archive book will be publish.
            Meanwhile, personal experiments are being developed based on variety of interests, such as the growth method of plants, sound, body movement in virtual space and many phenomenon in virtual space(game world). This was announced as the result of <Type Plant>, <Sound Character>, <Study of Emotional Expression through Body Movement(MFA Thesis)>. Currently I working on new project, it’s called <TRANS:>. It will be the experiment for relationship between abstract form and communication through ‘Avatar’. It’s coming up soon.


Kookmin University, Communication Design, MFA, 2017-2019(View MFA Thesis)
Pukyong National University,
Graphic Design, BA, 2011 - 2017



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