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Kal Yura, Moon Sohyun Group Exhibition
The Traces of Night and Day, 2022

Work Area: Exhibition Poster, Handout, Banner, Etc.

Client: Incheon Art Platform (IAP)


594 × 841mm

Incheon Cultural Foundation and Hana Financial Group’s IT specialist Hana Financial TI have been promoting the development of social contribution partnerships in the field of culture and art through continuous cooperation and media art exhibitions since 2017, and set up a project to support Incheon media artists. Expanding the base of art. Traces of Night and Day is the fourth special exhibition jointly organized by the Incheon Foundation for Arts and Culture and Hana Financial TI.
The development of technology and the development of media is gradually expanding its scope and providing convenience and convenience in a modern society filled with urban landscapes, architecture, lighting, and advertisements, but behind the scenes, the human vision is dazzled and artificially created illusions. The essence of the phenomenon is blocked through the light of The providence of nature, in which night and day are created through circulation, goes against the time of nature through artificial light as a way to illuminate the darkness as the darkness deepens. and 'daytime', which seem contradictory, but are presented through two linked keywords.
Moon Sohyun presents works that are animated by photographing sculptures in the center of famous tourist destinations such as Incheon Songdo, Lotte Tower, Busan Motel Village, and DDP at night and extracting only the lighting of the scenery that shines there. Plays throughout the video. The artist looks at the control of technology through light from a negative perspective, and finds the starting point in the human figure who has lost his true form and is living in captivity to civilization.
Kal Yura will present a new 3-channel composition for The night of walking into the door. Among the three channels of the work, the ‘central channel made of a black screen’ is replaced by the work of artist So-Hyun Moon, and a total of three channels of media screen performance are connected together. The mobility that exists due to the composition of the day rather than the dichotomized composition of day and night, and the night that creates the day, is shown through the structure of the media screen in the exhibition hall.
The small screens facing the entrance of the exhibition hall are parts of the works extracted from the main works of the two artists, and represent the fragmented and structured human perception extracted from day and night. I hope that it will be a time to think about the senses fragmented and scattered, and to face the essence, just like the process of connecting and harmonizing fragmented works encountered at the end of the exhibition hall.

Text from IAP


Poster (Square Ver.)

The group exhibition The Traces of Night and Day by artists Yura Kal and Sohyun Moon is an exhibition that starts from an interest in artificially emitted 'light' in a city that is changing due to urbanization and industrialization. I tried to replace the letters with the medium that generates the light that appears in the artist's work. Here, 'light' has several characteristics, mainly in its linear form and continuously moving and creating fragments. So, I created the title lettering made of dots and lines, and let the program interpret (blend) between the different letters and fill them with shards (acting like shards of light).

Poster Detail︎︎︎

1 — 3 


Leaflet, 420 × 297mm


X Banner, DID Panel, Web Banner / Dimensions Variable

Photography by IAP ︎︎︎