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Form–Making Experiment: Growing Methodology of Plant


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A Strange City 2, 2020
137 × 210mm, 204page

ISBN: 979-11-970333-3-9

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Book Cover(Front / Back) ︎︎︎

Participaints: Hyerim Noh, Sungeun Moon, Juhyun Lee

            The second theme of <A Strange City> is ‘Sound’. We hear countless sounds consciously / unconsciously inside and outside our homes(or other spaces). For example, there are sounds in various places like the leaves swaying in the wind, the noisy motorcycle of the delivery man, and the spinning fan of the restaurant.

Body of The Book ︎︎︎

Contents, Introduction

            Participants listen to the loud and small sounds of objects and people they did not usually care about. Such interest leads to the collection of ‘Room Tone’, which exists in every room but cannot be easily heard, the low frequency that can be felt by vibration, and the frictional sound of paper when turning a book.

Body of The Book ︎︎︎

Hyerim Noh

Body of The Book ︎︎︎

Sungeun Moon

Body of The Book ︎︎︎

Juhyun Lee