Work Area: Branding(B.I, Printed Matter, Etc.)
Client: Cafe SERO

153, Sinam-ro, Busanjin-gu, Busan

Brand Identity ︎︎︎

            ‘SERO’ means ‘narrow road’. The road captures the path of various people. For example, it could be the path that ‘SERO’ is trying to take the people struggling in their respective life.

Sign for Meeting Room, Toilet ︎︎︎

            Meanwhile, I had to pass through a narrow alley when I visited the cafe. And when i enter a building with an unusual appearance, there is a long corridor lined up. These two physical spaces were enough to visualize the abstract meaning of 'SERO'.

Brand Identity Guide Book(Not for Sale) 
Prited Matters ︎︎︎

            The letters of B.I are spread out from the center to the outside. The space between the letters created afterwards visualizes a narrow alley and long corridor mentioned above.