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Form–Making Experiment: Growing Methodology of Plant


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Eun Kook Park’s Solo Exhibition
Light Study, 2019

Work Area: Exhibition Identity(Poster, Printed Matters, Etc.)

Client: Eun Kook Park

Exhibition Poster ︎︎︎

594 × 841mm

            This poster for solo exhibition of Eunkook Park. In his works, he has a lot of kinds of brush stroke. Through the exhibition, he shows the difference between the previous works and the new works, one of the most noticeable parts is the stroke.

Exhibition Handout, Postcard ︎︎︎ 

Wall Graphic ︎︎︎

            On the screen divided up and down, each of the strokes shown by the artist were captured. The poster changes according to the sound recorded by the artist himself. As the artist organizes his past work and proceeds for a clearer future, the poster starts faintly and becomes more and more distinct.

Artist Namecard ︎︎︎

90 × 50mm

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