Music Producer

Work Area: Logo Symbol
Client: 404


Logo Symbol ︎︎︎
5000 × 5000px

            The story for logo i setted up before working on is ‘Pathfinder’. ‘404’, as a music producer, I was hope that he can be suggest the direction not only for musican but also listener. Based on this story, I researched images related with direction like symbol using in map making or compass.
            And one of his names, the number ‘4’, was already similar to a direction sign as a form. So I tried to make direction sign mixing with number four and zero.

Logo Standard ︎︎︎
Logo Variation ︎︎︎

            Going further with the keyword ‘Pathfinder’, ‘Direction’, the variation version of logo was came from it. Just like pointing ‘N, S, W, E’ which is 360 degree, the original one is going to rotate. Finally, the trajectory of the rotation was merged with the main logo to create another variation version.

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