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Change or Trans-Hiking / Ourler, 2023
170 × 240mm, 244p

ISBN: 979-11-970333-7-7

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Book Photography︎︎︎

170 × 240mm / Photography by Yoon Mi Yeon

Change or Trans-hiking is an extension of what the themes explored in Ourler that I am deeply interested in ways viewers connect to and engage with surrealist imagination. This project is an embodiment of a transcendental habitat that threads through the human, the machine, animals and plants, object-things without language, and contemporary liquid concepts flowing through the temporality of past-present-future. I unfolded an ungrammatical cosmology in which objects on a micro scale become political subjects. This entailed giving material form to imagined spaces, from the hideouts of wild animals and microorganisms in urban landscapes to passageways echoing with auditory hallucinations and the deep abyss of the earth as a portal space leading to other worlds.

In Project Ourler, I combined the fluid movement of liquids, the floating by-products of a city, mosses, plants, and geometric or repetitive and rhythmic objects into a performative piece that explored sound and reverberations through musical collaboration. By creating a sound space where the unknown senses come together to create a 'dissonance of coincidence and unpredictability' that then dwells in that space, the work awakens us to other sensory worlds and systems of thinking from within our contemporary society that has been deprived of its memories and sense-knowledge of reverberations and resonances. Ourler tries to share a multidimensional energy that can face a world of togetherness through an experiential whole called forth through sound and through our senses from elsewhere. It suggests a hybrid coexistence that seeks to connect with a mysterious surreal world that imports primeval or futuristic sensations and imaginations.

Text by Jade Sujin Lee

Various natural objects appear in the artist's installation work. In particular, the most representative of them is 'stone' (as the title of the exhibition suggests). In order to intuitively reveal this point, paper that resembles the texture of a stone was used for the cover and the inside. You can have the feeling of touching a natural object by turning over the rough paper. Also, in the work section, which is the most important part of the book, a different textured paper was used. As a result, the two different papers create a sense of visual rhythm and tactile interest.

Book Photography ︎︎︎

Cover — Detail — Body

Book Scan Images ︎︎︎


Directed / Edited by
Jade Sujin Lee

Critic Written by
Nam-See KIM, Hyun-Seok SEO

Translation by
Jaeyong PARK (Seoul Reading Room)

Photo by
Cheolki HONG

Performance Photo by
Graphic Design by

Publishing by

Print by
FLRST Kyungil

Supported by
Platform L Contemporary Art Center


Published in
24 April 2023