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Art book, 2021

Work Area: Art book

Client: Miki Kim

Book (Front / Back / Spine)︎︎︎

187 × 250mm

This book is an archive of MIKI KIM's work from 2017 to the latest. The artist talks about the humanity that is gradually being lost in the contemporary society where everything is easily produced and consumed. Therefore, one of the things that appears the most in her work is the person who takes off the mask. When character take off the mask with very large eyes on it, the small eyes in it are revealed (this is not any disparaging expression, just borrowing extreme form of difference to reveal the subject). As soon as I saw this picture, I decided on 'reversal' as the concept of the book. Like an artist's painting, the book is covered with a transparent mask pack (PVC cover).
When the transparent cover is removed, real eyes are printed on the real cover of the book. In addition, the front and back covers of the book are reversed. And when you turn over the cover, another blue page appears completely different from the front cover. Finally, since there is information about every book on the back of the transparent cover, when you remove it, the only thing left on the book is the artist's name and barcode.
Book Introduction: Materials such as humans and plants appearing on the screen mix with each other to create a bizarre landscape. For example, fingers of different races are stitched together, or plants and humans are combined. It can also show a state that cannot be identified exactly what it is. The body and objects that have escaped the physical condition like this work as tools for expressing emotions. Furthermore, it makes the viewer feel multi-layered emotions. Please enjoy the bizarre scenery created by Miki Kim.

Body of The Book︎︎︎


Body of The Book︎︎︎

Photography by HEIGHTS store