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Form–Making Experiment: Growing Methodology of Plant


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Naver Onstage X Hippy was Gipsy
Sound Play, 2019

Work Area: Stage Video

Client: Naver Onstage, Hippy was Gipsy

Video Still Cut ︎︎︎

<우리에겐>, 07:10”

            I’m in charge of the overall design including the album cover from the first debut album of R & B musician ‘Hippy was Gypsy(hear after HPGS)’. As HPGS participated in the performance of Naver Onstage X, i produced a series of videos such as ‘moving score’ for their stage. The abstract form shown on the screen represents each sound contained in HPGS music, such as the voice of a vocal or the sound of a musical instrument.

Stage Video ︎︎︎

<우리에겐>, <귀가>, <침대>

            The shape is determined by the intuitive characteristics of the sound (tone, feel, etc.), and over time the screens appear in various places. This is partly the application of the previous private project <Type Plant>. As a result, the abstract scores feel like living plants to the viewers.