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Hippy was Gipsy EP
0, 2020

Work Area: Album Cover, Lyric Video

Client: Hippy was Gipsy

Album Cover︎︎︎

5000 × 5000px

The direction I decided to visualize the topic ‘emptiness’ based on the conversations with the members was to express it as calmly as possible. Therefore, I thought that a simple combination of symbols and colors was suitable, not painting, which is the media that was mainly used for their previous album.
The circle on center is key visual element in this time. As we know, circle can be everything because it is abstract by itself. But this circle is not abract. It just a empty space in our mind like we usually saying metaphorically. I couldn't find any other options for alternative it.
On the other hand, I focused on how symbol can function as 'album identity'. To do this, I set up a symbol for each track, and created a additional graphic that supports it a little more. It is used not only for album covers, but also for lyric videos and teaser images, and functions as a visual device that penetrates this album.

So, what is emptiness? It's something that comes and goes or goes and comes. It has a characteristic of ‘repetition’. As if revealing it as it is, the letters in the teaser image disappear and appear again. When all the letters are disappear, there only circles are remain.


Track List, Release Teaser Img / Video


Digital Lyric Paper, Lyric Video

︎︎︎ Visit to Hippy was Gipsy’s Youtube Channel