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Form–Making Experiment: Growing Methodology of Plant


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A Strange City 1, 2020
137 × 210mm, 136page

ISBN: 979-11-970333-1-5

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Book Cover(Front / Back) ︎︎︎
* re–design version

Participaints: Changhwan Song, Juhyun Lee, Jieun Kim, Sujin Kwag

            Inspired by Dennis Wood’s map-making project, <A Strange City> explores and experiments with the various possibilities of creation that the cities around us. As Dennis Wood once mentioned in his book about his project, <Everything Sings: Maps for a Narrative Atlas>, all maps reflect strong subjectivity. Just as Dennis Wood sees a city as a material for making subjective maps like a diary, we set it up as a material for various visual experiments, such as graphics, painting, 3d stuffs.

Body of The Book ︎︎︎

Contents, Introduction

Body of The Book ︎︎︎

Changhwan Song, Juhyun Lee

Body of The Book ︎︎︎

Jieun Kim, Sujin Kwag