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Hippy was Gipsy 3rd Album
Empty Hand, 2018

Work Area: Album Identity(Cover, Physical Album)

Client: Stoneship, Hippy was Gipsy

Album Cover ︎︎︎

3000 × 3000px

            In ‘Hippy was Gipsy’s third album, means a "circulation" in which it tries to have something but eventually returns to its empty hands. It applies to virtually everything. So their music is same.
            Change the meaning of the album to a simple sign, and provide minimal information to listeners on one side of the cover. At the same time, in order to deepen the appreciation of music, the smoke-like background obtained through experiments was placed.

CD, Physical Album(Back) ︎︎︎

Lyric Paper ︎︎︎

Hippy was Gipsy EP
Conversation, 2019

Work Area: Album Cover

Client: Stoneship, Hippy was Gipsy

Album Cover, Teaser Image ︎︎︎

2000 × 2000px

            In this song, they talk about various conversations. It's not only talking about a good moments of conversation, but also bad moment that couldn’t saying everything what you want to say. 
            This direct and implicit aspect of conversation is implied by simple symbols. In the background, a photo is arranged intuitively reminiscent of the mood of the song.

︎︎︎ Official Audio