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Type Plant

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“What if the form grows like a plant?”

Archive Poster(A-Z) ︎︎︎
594 x 841mm

            In order to work for the <Type Plant>, I gathered information about plants and derived three keywords of plant growth: aggresive, defensive, and parasitic. Each characteristic (three keyword) changes the growth pattern and the growth speed. But as with real plants, numbers do not exactly define the breadth or shape of change. This project deals with invisible concepts like <sound character>, but applied them to English letters for visual expression. Through the intuitive sense of the alphabet, I set the propensity to grow each plant from A to Z.

Examples of Type Plant ︎︎︎
Type Plant - HI ︎︎︎

Work Detail:
Structure of Type Plant ︎︎︎
1. Grwoing Pattern: Regular - Irregula
2. Direction: Up & Down - Left & Right - All Direction
3. Personality: Defensive - Aggresive - Parasitic

Work Sketch ︎︎︎