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Marvin Kim’s Solo Exhibition
Grwoing Grid, 2018

Work Area:  Exhibition Identity (Poster, Printed Matters, Etc)

Poster, Handout ︎︎︎

594 × 841mm

            In my series painting work, “Grid Series,” I have always used two symbols. There are two extreme symbols and various variations between them. It starts at one point and changes, and sometimes it merges with each other to create something entirely new.
            In the solo exhibition 'Growing Grid', which organizes and announces the series of grids, it shows the variation of these various symbols and attempts to expand not only to the canvas but also to physical and practical spaces.
            It shows the relationship between expansion and the resulting interactive change through the poster pages. The sign shown in the poster occupies all over the galley space. This provides the viewer with a holistic and integrated experience leading to the poster-work-space.

Brochure ︎︎︎

182 × 257mm, 84p, KR / ENG

            In the body of the exhibition brochure, the symbols shown in posters, spaces, etc., that is, the same identity are applied. A symbol is inserted in the corner of the black page dividing each part. From the beginning of the book to the end, this symbol grows.

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Merchandise ︎︎︎

Video, Wall Grahic ︎︎︎