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《Hypnosis Therapy》 Album Cover︎︎︎

5000 × 5000px

            What do you think about the music or our team?
Jflow(hereinafter referred to as J) - Music that captures the horrible electronic loop itself without filtering. Fast tempo that doesn't sound boring no matter how simple a loop is. It itself becomes everything in rhythm or music, so it doesn't need anything else, and it can be done in infinite repetition. It is itself drawn into the music as if it were hypnotized. Even thinking, "The same music section is repeated?" is a luxury. So I thought it was hypnosis or meditation therapy. I think hypnosis is to focus on one point and let go of your mind, lead you to a trance, and fade your mind.

JJANGYOU(hereinafter referred to as JY) - A team with no genre limits. Although it is now incorporating electronic music, it is a team that can expand into an infinite mind map without a fence. A team that doesn't blindly follow the trend, but can catch the world's trends and make them into our own colors. The team is going through the road with a machete in the jungle, not the road they have already built. A team full of defiance, experimentation. A team that can break down their limitations and enter the realm of infinite creativity.

            What is the concept of the lyrics?
J & JY - Writing instinctive lyrics as much as possible, but keeping the beat alive is the main thing. A state in which free feeling lines and experimental methods are arranged in a disorderly manner.

            What are the vague images (colors, animals, plants, places, abstract shapes, etc.) and why?
J - Black, white, yellow, red, orange, elephant, colorful bird, snake. Or abandoned factories, mountains where rock walls account for a huge proportion, and inverted triangles, circles, and teeth. Plants don't come to mind.

JY - The harmony of yin and yang and the Korean Taegeuk pattern. An elephant that's going his own way. Greek temples, pillars of hanok. Deeply rooted and centered, unshakable tree roots, and red and blue.

            What are the visual or musical references?
J & JY - Red Hot Chili Peppers, AC/DC, Rolling Stones, Public Enemy, Metalica, Cybex Fitness, Wet Leg, Two Shell, Swedish House Mafi, Nicola Cruz, Dopplereffekt, Lynn Avery, Cole Pulice, Jana Rush, Roosevelt, Pylon, Ecco2k, etc.


3D Logo Symbol

3D Modelling, Animation by Hyejin Jeon

I worked on another group project of Jflow(also known as the member of ‘Hippy Was Gipsy’) , 'Hipnosis Therapy(It is a group consisting of producer Jflow and rapper JJANGYOU / hereinafter referred to as HT)'. In this project, they present very rebellious and experimental music based on electronic sound. Before working on this group's identity, we set some directions. Create a unique symbol of ‘HT’ and use it continuously, rather than creating individual artwork for each album like other previous album works. And while expressing the vibe of music, it will build an image that is not too active or too cold.

Prior to the symbol work, as described above, many interviews were conducted with two members of HT. It is natural that the thoughts of music are the same, but fortunately, there were overlapping objects when thinking of music visually. It's "Snake". In addition to their comments, I was reminded of 'mushrooms' (although they said plants don't come to their mind). The combination of the face of a mushroom with the body of a snake. It's an image that can only appear in cartoons and games. By combining two seemingly unrelated objects into one, I tried to create a new context unique to HT. Formally, I wanted to create a form that was not too rough or too mechanical, but located on its border.

On the other hand, we once said in an interview that maybe listeners who listen to our music are open to gender consciousness. At that time, I thought that if the heart shape we commonly know was a general form of love, we could talk the opposite when we turned it upside down. When I came up with the idea of that time, I started with a 'flipping heart form' when I designed the shape of the mushroom head.


Teaser Video, Title Lettering

Applications ︎︎︎

Inlay Paper, Front & Back / Sleeve In & Out

150 × 118mm / illustration by Hyejin Jeon, Jflow, JJANGYOU

Applications ︎︎︎

《Hypnosis Therapy》 Remix Album Cover

Executive Producer

Art Directed by
Marvin Kim

Graphic Assisted by
Hyejin Jeon
Music Video Directed by
Junmo Yang

Recorded & Mastered by

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