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〈Study of Emotional Expression through Body Movement〉
MFA Thesis, 2019

Experiment Area: Research, Book, GIF, Etc.

Thesis Book (Front / Back)︎︎︎

 182 × 257mm, 96p

            “How emotional expression through body movement works in virtual space? Can we control it? What is the relationship between shape and body movement?”
            Recently, people have begun using emoticons to express their feelings. The phenomenon of using emoticons is only increasing across forms of communication. The simplest ways of the first emoticons have now evolved into moving stuctures, as this allows emotion to be conveyed in more detail. It was found in this study that body movement is a crucial factor for the expression of emotion in this phenomenon.

Body of Thesis Book︎︎︎

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            Therefore, this study aims to study emotional expression through the movement patterns of emoticons. (omit)Furthermore, I am going to examine the possibility to an abstract form such as a geometric shape, leaving the human form. - From Abstract of the thesis

Examples of Body Movement︎︎︎

Sad — Angry — Joy

Analysis of Body Movement: Sad ︎︎︎

Posture – Head – Arms – Legs – Speed 

Analysis of Body Movement: Angry︎︎︎

Posture — Head — Arms — Legs — Speed

Analysis of Body Movement: Joy︎︎︎

Posture — Head — Arms — Legs — Speed

Concept of Body Movemen︎︎︎

Sadness — Angry — Joy

Examples of Emotional Expression through Body Movement (Angry — Sad — Joy / Pic. 1 — 6)︎︎︎ 

Examples of Emotional Expression through Body Movement Based on Abstract Shape (Pic. 7 — 9)︎︎︎