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The Train Passed By

Work Area: Film Poster

Festival Information: 21.04.29-05.08

Film Poster, 600 × 900mm ︎︎︎
Director: KAM Jeong-Won

            The story of 『The Train Passed By』 unfolds based on the main space called a dyeing factory. In particular, the task of rewinding the fabric, which the main character 'Hee-su' takes on, metaphorically reveals an escape from reality that is constantly being frustrated. By borrowing such a production process, the letters in the center of the screen were “produced”. At the same time, the whole screen is only dark, as if implying the situation (or emotion) of 'Hee-su'.

Poster Detail

Movie Still Cut ︎︎︎
ⓒ KAM Jeong-won All Rights Reserved.

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