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Jaewon Kang Virtual Exhibition
Trippy Trippy, 2020

Work Area: Exhibition Poster, Printed Matters, etc.

Client: desk desk

Exhibition Poster(for print / instagram) ︎︎︎

594 × 841mm / 3000 × 3000px

            a. Diversity of sculpture proposed by the artist (centering on scale / from wearable sculpture to architecture) / b. Ambiguous boundary or crossing between physical and virtual space)

Exhibition Poster Detail ︎︎︎


            The screen is divided horizontally, and images related to a and b are placed at the top and bottom. As if the space of desk desk has a physical space and a virtual (infinite) space, at the top there is a 'GPS-like graphic extracted from real topography' that can imply the physical space of desk desk, people. And the small-to-medium scale work image related ‘a’ is also placed.
            At the bottom, the work image is arranged in an exaggerated size to imply the virtual space of desk desk, and the background is mixed with the image. So the boundaries between the real and the virtual are broken.

Small Brochure︎︎︎

130 × 190mm, 16p

Instagram Images, Collabo Product Video︎︎︎

Video Production: Particlefield

Exhibition Preview︎︎︎


︎︎︎ Visit to ‘desk desk’ Official Website
︎︎︎ Visit to Artist’s Official Website