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Jaewon Kang Virtual Exhibition
Trippy Trippy, 2020

Work Area: Exhibition Poster, Printed Matters, etc.

Client: desk desk


594 × 841mm

Kang Jae-won's sculptures are created from a 3D program and materialized/realized with balloons. It thus rejects 'one determined form', and can exist at any time as a stubborn sculpture or just a deflated balloon. In this exhibition, the artist intends to present works that do not belong to any boundaries, going back and forth between the real and the virtual. To capture the various points of this exhibition, I used the typeface 'Golia Golia', as if air were repeatedly injected and exited. In addition, 2D graphics interfere with the 3D image arranged in a large size at the bottom, and it is not possible to see a complete image. Moreover, various elements that visualize the theme of the exhibition are included, such as a human expressed smaller than a letter, and a change in the work inserted in the upper left corner.

            a. Diversity of sculpture proposed by the artist (centering on scale / from wearable sculpture to architecture)

            b. Ambiguous boundary or crossing between physical and virtual space)

The screen is divided horizontally, and images related to a and b are placed at the top and bottom. As if the space of desk desk has a physical space and a virtual (infinite) space, at the top there is a 'GPS-like graphic extracted from real topography' that can imply the physical space of desk desk, people. And the small-to-medium scale work image related ‘a’ is also placed.

At the bottom, the work image is arranged in an exaggerated size to imply the virtual space of desk desk, and the background is mixed with the image. So the boundaries between the real and the virtual are broken.


Poster (Square Ver.)

Poster Detail︎︎︎



Brochure, 130 × 190mm, 16p


Instagram Images, Collabo Product Video
3D Video by Particlefield

Exhibition Sketches︎︎︎


︎︎︎ Visit to ‘desk desk’ Official Website
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