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Jflow EP Album
Yellow, 2021

Work Area: Album Cover, Physical Album

Client: Jflow

Album Cover︎︎︎

5000 × 5000px

Jflow's solo album unravels a variety of stories, including love and daily life, based on the symbols of color. As its first color, 'Yellow' is full of warm-hearted songs. During the discussion of visuals with musicians, I proposed to have a visual tool that would remain the same in later albums dealing with different colors. Therefore, I have prepared two main tools. The first is two squares located in the upper left corner of the screen. The two squares are connected to each other like the past and the present, and as it is the first album of the project, the white square on the left (meaning the beginning) and the yellow square on the right (meaning the album). In other words, in the next album, a yellow square will be located on the left.
The second is the white squares on the left side of the screen. This determines the number of songs in the album, and the length of the figure is also determined by the length of each song. As such, I want to use two tools to respond to the ever-changing theme of the album, and furthermore, I want to create consistent unity when looking at all the albums macroscopically.


Physical Album (Front / Back / CD)

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