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IAP, Your Park / Your Festival
맛동산에서 만나, 2022

Work Area: Festival Poster, Banner, Etc.

Client: Incheon Art Platform (IAP)


594 × 841mm

Imagine the entire process of serving a perfect plate of art activity in front of a customer, both peripheral and central, in the world of "food art." Can we see the expression of the satisfied customer in a complete form, eating the food served in front of the customer with moderate warmth through the process of both interesting and excessive pure labor? The expression "It's art~" is also an exclamation that is easily expressed in good food, and you can also say it about the lively creation of "eatable" in front of your eyes.
The results of food made by those who are also "cooks" and "artists" are not the kind of food that can be easily found in any restaurant. They reveal food and services or topics that they think are very far from them through cooking, and carry out performances that naturally connect the act of eating or making with art. They also support their livelihood by feeding on the spot and exchanging them for goods. In this way, not only does it get an immediate response from people with the process and result of livelihood and creation, but it also works as a charm, making creators and participants curious and enjoyable festivals.
Food and ingredients are different from art materials that we easily think of. It's like the toilet seat of Marcel Duchamp's 'Fountain, 1917' that almost everyone has tried and eaten, but it also has a significant woodiness called "The Lasting of Life". Therefore, I think it is a special ingredient that has great sympathy from participants who have encountered food art. In the future, these activities will continue steadily and add diversity to the art world. (...)
Taste programs planned by the artist must be completed with participants. You can knead dough, shape, express the taste with pictures, and watch performances made with the theme of ingredients at a food art picnic full of delicious and pleasant smells. We hope that anyone who participates in the food art picnic from CoSMo40 west of Incheon to the east of Incheon Art Platform can become a writer and experience various arts, and it will be an opportunity for more diverse artists to gather in the keyword "food art."

Text by Ara Ahn (Homeground), Hyejin Yeo

 * Not perfectly translated


Web Banners / Dimensions Variable

The fesival aims to introduce the food art to as many people as possible. Furthermore, the place where the festival is held is outside from the art platform not inside of it. As it is an event where citizens of various generations participate, I tried to make a frendly-looking visual not too much experimental thing. Just like I became a chef, the korean title of the festival was produced by repeatedly chopping and grouping English characters. In addition, the combination of green and red gives posters a bright atmosphere of the event.


Banners / Dimensions Variable


Stickers, Instagram Images / Dimensions Variable

Photography by Cheol Ki Hong︎︎︎