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desk desk

Work Area: Brand Identity(Plan, Naming, B.I, Web, Etc.) 

Official Website:

B.I, Name Card︎︎︎
Ver.: Horizon - Vertical - Simple

            ‘desk desk’ is a virtual gallery & selective art shop based on web. To determine the brand name, I found a commonality that exists between the gallery and shop. It is a 'desk'. The first one is ‘the information desk’ in the gallery. The other one is ‘the counter desk’ in the shop. It is probably the first object we encounter when entering those space. So, 'desk' works as a kind of symbol, to reveal it implicitly, the top & front view of the desk were visualized as a frame(left & right) of the logo.   

Official Website︎︎︎
Landing - Exhibition - Art Shop(main / detail)
Artwork & Product Image:
Jaewon Kang

Package, Pop-up Hand Out︎︎︎
130 × 130mm, 105 × 145mm

Pop-up Store(20.12.01-06)︎︎︎
Project Rent 01, Seoul, KR

Brand Introduction Video︎︎︎
Video Production: Particlefield

3D Delveloper: Digital Nogada
Virtual Space Design: Kim Giseok

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