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IAP Exhibition
An Observation of the Yellow Sea, 2023

Work Area: Exhibition Poster, Signage, Printed Matters, Etc.

Client: Incheon Art Platform


594 × 841mm

            Facing the Faces of the Sea
Incheon Art Platform presents the exhibition An Observation of the Yellow Sea as part of its 2023 program. The overarching theme of the exhibition revolves around the sea. However, this exhibition seeks to delve beyond the sea’s role as a mere landscape and instead takes a closer look at its multifaceted dimensions. This exploration encompasses the sea as a scene of life, the sea as a means of communication, the sea as conflict and crisis, the sea as the birthplace and habitat of life, and the sea as the global environment. This perspective reverberates with the sentiment of the ancestors who, in times of exile, penned the “Jasan Eobo.” 

The exhibition begins with CHO Kwang Hyun’s detailed drawings of Korean fish. Through the artist’s labor-intensive efforts spanning 15 years, wherein he meticulously illustrated 1,600 diverse species of saltwater fish from across the Korean Peninsula, visitors can now engage in a visual tête-à-tête with an array of these aquatic inhabitants. Upon entering the exhibition, visitors are greeted by the Jeju Haenyeo labor song “Ieodosana.” JUN Sojung’s video work titled Treasure Island invites contemplation on the lives of Korean haenyeo, these women who brave the unknown depths of the sea through their dedicated plaining diving practices.

Water-Ripple is a series of paintings by LEE Taeho that captures the essence of the sea using black ink. It is not just about observing the surface movement of the water, but rather, it aims to evoke a deeper connection— the very pulse of the universe and the primal heartbeat of life. Moving on, we encounter a seascape created by KONG Sung-Hun. The distinctive tension within this landscape confronts us with the compulsions and anxieties of modern society. (omit)


”Various Yellow Stories & Wave”

North Korean studies scholar KANG Dong Wan has been collecting, studying, and documenting marine debris. This North Korean trash, flowing into the five islands along the West Sea bordering North Korea, offers insights into the lives of North Korean people and the current state of North Korean industrial art. In contrast to other local environmental organizations, Green Korea Incheon has dedicated itself to preserving the sea and tidal flat ecosystems. The showcased films and materials highlight the organization’s three decades of efforts to protect the marine environment. The Sea Life Mandala, a collaborative creation by SUNG Hyo-Sook, 20 Mokpo Environmental Movement Alliance members and 90 fifth-grade students from Daebul Elementary School, symbolizes a prayer for the ongoing vitality and circulation of diverse marine life. The exhibition concludes with another one of CHO Kwang Hyun’s intricate fish illustrations, which vividly portray marine life. The ocean serves as both the cradle and habitat for life on Earth. It is evident that a healthy marine ecology contributes to a healthy Earth and a promising future for humanity.

Incheon’s waters are exceptionally diverse and fertile, boasting harbors, islands, tidal flats, salt fields, and more. The 20 participating artists in An Observation of the Yellow Sea earnestly convey various facets of the sea through their individual approaches and mediums. This exhibition provides an opportunity to explore and discuss what actions humanity, which has historically benefited from the sea, can undertake amidst its current crisis.

Text from IAP


Web Banners, Signage / Dimensions Variable


Brochure / 146 × 210mm, 48p


Book / 185 × 255mm, 144p

Photography by Choi Chul Lim (Studio Belt)︎︎︎


KANG Dong Wan, KANG Honggoo, KONG Sung-Hun,
KIM Jaeyoo, KIM Jung-Ah, KIM Changhwan,
PARK Mirae, SUNG Hyo-Sook, AN Gyungsu,
Yangkura, UHM Jieun, LEE Wookjae, LEE Jaeuk,
LEE Taeho, Green Korea Incheon, LIM Minouk,
JUN Sojung, CHO Kwang Hyun, CHA Gi-Youl,
HA Seunghyeon

Curated by
LEE Taeho,
Exhibition Art Director of An Observation
of the Yellow Sea

Curatorial team of IAP
KIM Kyungmin,
Inchoen Art Platform Curator

KIM Hyunju, Associate Curator of
An Observation of the Yellow Sea

Exhibition Assistant
KIM Soomin,
Inchoen Art Platform Manager

Graphic Design

Architectural Collaborator
Sonkim Architects

Space Construction
Sungduk Co., Ltd.

K Mount

Logistics & Installation
MY COMPANY Global co., ltd.



Sign Language Video Material Production
space SAM, Incheon Sign Language
Interpretation Center

Organized by
Incheon Metropolitan City

Supervised by
Incheon Foundation for Arts & Culture (IFAC)
Incheon Art Platform (IAP)

CEO of Incheon Foundation for Arts & Culture
LEE Jonggu

Managing Director, Division of Cultural Space
SON Donghyek

Team Manager of IAP
LEE Young-Ri