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Hippy was Gipsy 4th Album
Fire, 2019

Work Area: Album Identity (Cover, Physical Album)

Client: goodtomeetyou, Hippy was Gipsy

Album Identity︎︎︎

Album Cover, Physical Album (Front / Back / Side) , 144 × 126mm

In this album, "Hippy was Gipsy (hearafter HG)" wanted to be "a little consolation for us living in a difficult era." Thus, 'fire' is sublimated to a metaphorical (non-physical) dimension that implies 'hope' rather than simply a tool (physical) existence. In other words, unlike a one-sided relationship to use fire, it aims for a mutual relationship that lights up and warms the surroundings by claiming to be a fire (HG or their music). Also, they (or fire) are not just stop, but move in an active position and light up everywhere. 'How can i visualize these obscure points?' That was the starting point of the work. (omit)

I happened to see a video of 'One-Hour Fire ASMR' on YouTube. Beyond the flat screen, the fires and the sound of it was so real that I could feel some warmth. As reminiscent of the prediction of "Jean Baudrillard," the fires in the virtual space were burning on the desk, acquiring life of a real fire, no longer a pixel. I got "Fire's Motion Sequences" through continuous screenshot capture. After putting these images together, the lines of the overlapping parts of the fire were extracted and moved back to painting on the paper. And the rest of them were selected as vector images and placed on different layers on top of the painting to represent "light and shadow."

Pieces of album symbol are used one for each chapter of the documentary. As the documentary ends, the pieces gather and eventually form one complete symbol.


Physical Album (Inside), CD, Lyric Paper



Concert Poster, Album Merchandise (Hoodie)


Documentary Video Still Cut
Videography by Hyangrok Seo

︎︎︎ Visit to Hippy was Gipsy’s Youtube Channel