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Hilgeum 1st Official Album
UTOPIA, 2022

Work Area: Album Cover, Teaser Video, Physical Album


Album Cover ︎︎︎

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            Hilgeum is the trio consists of Yoin Cho, the gayageum Player, Yerim Kim, the geomungo player, and Somin Park, the haegeum player. As musicians, they gathered to resonate their voices to the world through music. This album [Utopia], their first work, relates diverse emotions encountered in the life, telling the story they want to tell freely and straightly. All tracks, written together by three members, carries the color of each player. These present rich and immersive sounds through three traditional Korean string instruments. They hope this work, started from focusing their own minds and emotions, to also be extended to listeners' minds and emotions and be another story.

Title Lettering (Track List 1 - 7 / Project Title)︎︎︎

Teaser Video︎︎︎

Sleeve, Digi Pack Case (Front / Back Side)︎︎︎



Lyric Paper︎︎︎

Produced & Composed by
Hilgeum (Yoin Cho, Yerim Kim, Somin Park)

25 Strings Gayageum by
Yoin Cho

Geomungo by
Yerim Kim

Haegeum, Singing bowl by
Somin Park

Mixed & Mastered by
Byoungkeuk Kim @ANTMIX

Recorded by
Jiyoung Lee @EUM Sound

Recording Directed by
Jaeha Lee (track 1-6)
Saehanbyeol Mun (track 7)

Album Design by
Hyejin Jeon @SPINE PRESS

Photo by
Seunghawn Roh

Photo Source by

Hilgeum Single Album
Nihil, 2022

Work Area: Album Cover, Teaser Image


Album Cover ︎︎︎

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            Nihil is a Latin word meaning “nothing” or “emptiness.” In a modern world, many people feel as if nothing is meaningful. The work expresses a hope of going beyond the nothingness. Its beginning part that starts with a fast beat portrays a mindless ego wandering without a clear purpose, stuck in a sense of emptiness. The following haegeum solo depicts a dance of insanity coming from the frustrated state of mind. The work goes on to express an intensifying dance through the dosalpuri jangdan. The repetitions and extensions in the piece’s initial part express an idea that nothingness always coexists with us and also pushes us forward, making us live our lives with a fresh mind.
            Consisting of three musicians who play the gayageum, geomungo, and haegeum, Hilgeum seeks to create sincere musical sounds in this chaotic world. All of the band’s works are written through the three artists’ collaboration.

           Gayageum instrument: Cho Yo-In
           Geomungo instrument: Kim Ye-Rim
           Haegeum instrument: Park So-Min

Album Title Lettering ︎︎︎

Typeface: Avara

Album Teaser GIF ︎︎︎

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︎︎︎ Visit to Official Live Video