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Jade Sujin Lee
Change or Trans-Hiking, 2022

Work Area: Exhibition Poster, Banner, Etc.

Client: Jade Sujin Lee, Platfom-L Art Center

Poster ︎︎︎

594 × 841mm

            〈CHANGE OR TRANS-HIKING〉 creates moving liquids, by-products floating in the city, moss, plants, and objects with geometric or repetitive rhythms to derive sound and resonance. This directing was planned as a follow-up to the previous work <Ourler>, which realized the sound space where the unknown senses gather and 'coincidence and unpredictable dissonance' reside. As the totality of the senses generated through hard or soft textures and concepts, this work tries to 'realize the sound space as a transcendent habitat through the moving concepts of the contemporary that flow between the temporality of past-present-future' (Artist’s Note).
            Like the sensation of continuously moving and changing sounds, letters change shape and move with time. Also, objects appearing in the artist's screen project each other. It seems like a world that is closely connected to each other. Just as different-looking beings meet in one space (world), all letters are connected by lines.’

Title Lettering ︎︎︎

Lettering Motion

Motion Poster ︎︎︎

Motion by Hyejin Jeon

Web Banner ︎︎︎

1120 × 700px / 325 × 160px / 1120 × 400px

Variation Posters ︎︎︎

594 × 841mm