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OA Seoul Group Exhibition
Collecting Pieces, 2021

Work Area: Exhibition Poster, Printed Matters, etc.

Client: OA Seoul

Exhibition Poster ︎︎︎

594 × 841mm

                        Like the title of the exhibition, the act of 'gathering' involves the deposition of time. So, I used the process of plant growth. The central letter starts from the seed and grows gradually. Each seed represents the individual artist participating in the exhibition, implying the various works they will present. Also, some of the works presented in the exhibition were small enough to be viewed with a magnifying glass. Therefore, when viewed as a whole, the works and the background of the exhibition are mixed and look like one and the same landscape. This is why it is difficult to distinguish between the lettering and background of posters.

Exhibition Poster Detail ︎︎︎


                        As the seeds grew, unpredictable shapes were created. Each of the derived forms has infinite possibilities. When one(a) merges with another(b), something else(ab) will be born, and when something else(ab) merges with something else(ab), something else(ab-2) will be created. This morphological bonding structure looks like the structure of a living organism.

Variation ︎︎︎

Seed to Pattern

Exhibition Identity Variation:

Instagram Thumnail ︎︎︎

                        I tried to use these forms as the visual identity of the exhibition. At first, I applied this identity to exhibition instagram thumnail image. Made Thumbnails using all different shapes.

Exhibition Part 2

at Print Bakery Samcheong