Professional Basketball Training

Work Area: Logotype
Client: STANCE


Logotype ︎︎︎
5000 × 5000px

            STANCE is the business based on basketball. When I started this work, I wanted the logo to look like a basketball player. I decided to align it vertically because of the tall feeling that comes to mind when thinking of a basketball player.
            And considering that STANCE is an education-based business, I extracted the keyword 'bond, connection' between the instructor and the students. For this, I gathered some ‘lines’ in baksetball from play court, rule, foramtion, streadgy something like that.

Logo Standard ︎︎︎
Logo Variation ︎︎︎

            The main color of 'STANCE Orange' was selected from the activeness of the sport, basketball. Afterwards, ‘STANCE Grey’ was added to give it a refined feel.
            One of the line I gathered is ‘Turn Stance’ which is the player stand diagonally. The logo is created repeatedly along the diagonal. From this we can imagine that a variation logo could be created using different lines present in basketball.

Business Card ︎︎︎
90 × 50mm

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